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Tomato Zabala (Zabava Tomaat)
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New rare and unusual tomato varieties - fruits are shaped a bit like a man's penis. This highly prolific tomato has 10-20cm long fruits with very sweet meaty flesh. They weigh from 100 to 150g and have a very good, rich and complex flavor. Perfect for salads, sauces and canning. Can be stored up to 3 weeks. Height up to 2m.
To increase "come up" we recommend to seed also Tomato Viagra.

Germinate at 18-20C. Place in a propagator or seal container inside a polythene bag until after germination.
For Indoor Crops: Sow seeds from late winter to early spring. Plant finally into growbags or pots in the greenhouse, or conservatory.
For Outdoor Crops: Sow seeds during early spring. Acclimatise plants to outdoor conditions for a few days prior to final planting after all risk of frost.


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