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Tigridia pavonia 'Mixed' (Tiger Flower)
[25-30 seeds- zaden]

Tigridia pavonia \'Mixed\' (Tiger Flower)

These colourful, sun-loving Tiger flowers will create a riot of colour in your summer borders and patio containers. The large, vibrant blooms with contrasting speckled centres are relatively short-lived but appear in succession through the summer. Originating from Mexico, Tigridia pavonia is a tender summer bulb and is best lifted and stored over winter in a frost-free place. They can be planted again in the spring for another colourful summer show. Height: 40cm

Seeds may be sown at any time of the year onto a well-drained compost and covered about 3cm deeply. Keep the pot moist at a temperature of between 18-22C in a well-lit position. Seeds should germinate within 2 to 6 weeks.  

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