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Aristolochia elegans
[7 seeds/zaden seeds/zade]

Aristolochia or Calico flower is a t climbing vine that can reach about 3–4.5 meters with very unusual flowers and beautiful bright green heart shaped leaves 7–9 centimetres long and 5–10 centimeters wide, which grow closely together to create a dense mass of foliage. Flowers are heart-shaped, greenish yellow with intricate purplish-brown markings. These unusual flowers are about 7–8 centimetres long, grow solitary in the leaf axils and resemble a Sherlock Holme's pipe (hence the common name of "Dutchman's pipe"). The inner surface of the flared mouth is completely purplish-brown. The flowering period extends through all Summer.
It is a perennial native to Brazil, in frost the plant dies off above ground, but roots will stay to come back next year.

Start seeds by soaking in hot water for 48 hours and surface sow them in rich soil. Cover with a fine sprinkling of compost or vermiculite. Keep the soil moist, not soaking wet. These seeds germinate at +20ºC. Place the pot in a polythene bag and in darkness until after germination. Germination usually takes 1-3 months, it can take longer, don't give up. Transplant when large enough to handle into 5 inches pots of good quality compost, and grow on in cool, well lit conditions away from direct sunlight. When well grown, pot on further or plant outside, giving shelter from direct sunlight.

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