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Magnolia Vine (Schisandra chinesis)
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A frost hardy, woody vine, known also as Magnolia vine or , is one of the most ornamental edible vines you could ever wish to grow. This perennial climbing vine blooming from April to May with creamy white flowers. Scratch the bark and an intense, clean fragrance that's a combination of Daphne odora and lime peel will greet your nose. The flowers of the Magnolia vine are insignificant, but the 10cm clusters of shiny red berries are gorgeous. They ripen in late summer on year-old wood.
Known as Wu We Zi in Mandarin (five taste fruit), Schisandra chinensis berries are one of the 50 essential ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine. Fresh Schisandra berries are much better tasting than the dried fruit, although both fresh and dried fruit are packed with nutrition. That said, the fresh berries are an acquired taste. Fruits are also used to make teas and a type of wine. Plants are dioecious and need both male and female flowers to produce fruit.

Seed - best sown in the autumn in a cold frame or alternatively pre-soak stored seed for 12 hours in warm water and sow in a greenhouse in the spring. Germination can be slow.  

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